A profile: Prajnya

Amongst many individuals and organisations that work towards the enrichment of society, the NGO Prajnya stands out for its three mandates that encompass a wide arena of thought and action. Peace, justice and gender violence being their area of interest are rousing debates and vanguard much needed changes.

An initiative-based organisation that has well balanced its duties towards the three dimensions, has particularly garnered praise for their awareness programmes on peace and women security and position in society.

The founder, Dr. Swarna Rajgopalan shared her views on the recent progress made, ” We have started to train nurses in government hospitals to identify victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, as it still is a box guarded with many locks in the society.” She further added that their endeavour also includes networking , more voice more the impact.

Spreading the word through their blog, ‘make peace the story’, tweets and other media tools, the organisation has been successful in making itself heard on gender based violence against women. Campaigns like Community Cafe and 16 days campaign have helped the society to combat the problem as a whole and fight against it in unison.

Community cafe is a neighbourhood-based workshop that lends a helping hands to women who have faced any kind of violence, through discussions and providing legal remedies. Dr. Rajgopalan added, ” What is celebratory is the fact that several of such discussions have been initiated by men, they call us to conduct workshops out of concern for their women counterparts.”

Whereas, the 16 days campaign starts from November 25 that is the International Day against Violence against women and ends on December 10 that is International Human Rights Day. It aims to educate the public on how and where women are vulnerable. The 16 days are packed with panel talks and trainings in colleges and corporate workplaces to empower women. ” How do you know it’s happening to you; that is our area of concern and the training adopts this very approach.” Ragmallika, a Prajnya associate said.

PC: prajnya.files.wordpress

A research based work is carried out by the organisation that publishes an annual report during the 16 days campaign on crimes against women in the country.

Alongside, The prajnya Trust believes that the young minds should be influenced righteously to ensure a better future. The organisation have been conducting workshops in schools to impart knowledge on peace and justice and also on cyber space security.

They do although exercise caution when it comes to talking about gender sensitisation and violence in schools as students come from different social and cultural backgrounds and therefore there always is a risk of brushing off an ugly incident or even leading to conflicts with their parents.




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