Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals

Agenda 2030 set to be pursued as Millennium development goals expire soon, aiming to approach the problems from a wider angle.

As MDGs come to an end this year, all 193 member states of the United nations have decided to ascend on the next level with Sustainable development goals (SDGs). These set of goals will fill in the blank spaces of MDGs . Millennium development goals were adopted in a UN summit of 2000 and the aim was to radically bring a change in all 8 spheres.



Whereas, Sustainable Development goals aim to eradicate the ills that plague both the human kind and the environment, striving for an over-all advancement. With 17 goals in contrast to the 8 in MDGs, the new set of objectives are more comprehensive.

UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon in a summit remarked, ” It is an agenda for people, to end poverty in all its forms; an agenda for the planet, our common home; an agenda for shared prosperity, peace and partnership; it conveys the urgency of climate action; it is rooted in gender equality and respect for the rights of all; above all, it pledges to leave no one behind.”

He talked about how global cooperation would accelerate the programme and bring favourable results by 2030 efficiently. Calling it Agenda 2030, Ban ki-moon added, ” To do better, we must do differently. The 2030 Agenda compels us to look beyond national boundaries and short-term interests and act in solidarity for the long-term. We can no longer afford to think and work in silos.

He emphasised on the agenda calling it the need of the hour. Also conforming to the better ways of SDGS like, it lays prominence on hunger and poverty differently divergent to the MDGs which clubbed the two. Consequently, resolving neither.

He further directed his attention to the urgency in combating climate change and declining world peace,  applauding SDGs to have encompassed it all.

With 17 goals aiming to make it a better world to live in, Ban ki-moon persuaded people to participate and act now in unison for a healthy planet and a safer world.



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