Superheroes exist.

A 23 year old government employee toils through the day, offering a hope of relief to the destitute on street by relocating them in a shelter home and rescuing injured stray animals with the help of an organisation. L. Satishwaran, a former Table-tennis player who brightens the day for many believes, ” We rise by lifting others .”

Some are born great, some achieve greatness . It’s hard to determine where L. Satishwaran stands. A Table-Tennis player ranked 12th Nationally and 5th in Tamil Nadu has a story of love lost and found. Been playing the sport since he was 13 years old, Satish represented the country at international tournaments held in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

SHOT AT SUCCESS L. Sathishwaran Photo: M. Vedhan
PC: M Vedhan. The Hindu


His passion glows in his heart like a wild fire but fears the cold winds that blow to put the flames off. Officials in the Sports Authority of the state weigh the money that is passed under the table and not the talent when sending players to tournaments. He decided to not be toyed around in the hands of those blinded with money and now organises tournaments to encourage young talent and dreams of opening a Table-Tennis academy to help others escape the unruly fate that bars them to succeed further .

” They extort money from poor or under-privileged players in barter for their participation. It’s politics more than corruption here, they send players who belong to affluent families to play international tournaments whereas talented ones lie dormant in corners. ” Satish said looking grim.

But fortune’s child, found another passion and how. Reminiscent he continued,” My first rescue was in 2013 at the Beasent beach. The dog was lying in a pool of blood when he caught my eye. After successfully transporting him to the hospital and then to a shelter, a feeling came over me that has no word invented for as yet, I believe.”

That night, sleep embraced him like a lover. Since then, there’s been no looking back.

An active volunteer with Blue Cross, an organisation that rescues animals and works for their welfare ; Satish now lives for others. He not only rescues animals but destitute people living on streets.

A man of principles, he says that he does what he decides. ” I’ve fought in numerous times with policemen and doctors to save lives.” he adds.

He recently rescued an old man from the street late at night, when he saw he had an enormous festering open wound on his left foot that was grossly infected. He immediately contacted the police and then took him to Royahpatta Government Hospital where he was treated only after Satish fought a battle of words. ” it’s not even easy helping people. First I have to procure a memo from the police that legally allows me to help the concerned person and then run around government hospital doctors to treat him.” He added seemingly looking disappointed in the system.

Describing each save an emotional journey, he talks about how he often visits the five people he has lifted from the streets in a span of one and half years, “They don’t recognise me. I understand though, tough life and age takes a toll on memory” ; his watery eyes unfolded a chapter that has several pages to be added in the near future.

Little Drops is the shelter-home who Satish has partnered with to save the destitute. He also credits his friends and family for their undying support and believes that such encouragement is imperative to be able to live a selfless life.

His bravest save was last year in August when he helped an addict who also happened to be a Table-Tennis player turn a new leaf in life. Satish shared, ” My heart sank when at the shelter, he asked for a Tennis racquet. He must have been a professional, I could tell because he gave me really helpful tips.”

Now a Life Insurance Corporation employee, Satish has his hands full most of the days, but this multi-faceted man has more in his kitty than one can imagine.

He also runs a street-gym, that is not your usual conventional gym with heavy equipments but a space in a garden where he uses tires and swings to train .

He somehow brings the famous saying, ‘give , until it hurts’ to life.

Ameen, his friend and a fellow co-worker at Blue Cross calls him a man who hopelessly just wants to give till he breathes this life. “I look up to him.” he added proud of his friend sitting next to him.

Satish does what many of us have only thought of doing, “I will never exchange my ways with money. No amount of it can ever suffice the ache that soothes the moment I help a needy. I know it sounds phony but the sleep that engulfs me after a successful aid is worth a million bucks. The man I see in the mirror every day is a happy person, which is a rarity if you ask me. ”





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