Of corpse brides and lonely grooms

Female corpses are dug up to be wed posthumously.                   PC: express.co.uk

In this era of dating apps and matrimonial sites touching towering heights, how would you react to news of corpses getting married? Too much of a companion fetish, isn’t it?

There is an archaic practice in China where people marry off their deceased bachelor relatives so that they do not feel ‘lonely’ in their afterlife. Say what? Yes, that’s very much it and so much so that there is a black market for female corpses.

An ideology that seems to have outlived its time, runs wild and across graveyards, making desperate families do heinous crimes. This tradition is illegal in China, has been since 1949 when Chairman Mao came into power but alas, still finds believers in several rural parts of the country.

One of the major reasons for this ghoulish practice is the belief that if a man dies unwed, he’ll haunt his family for not being able to provide him marital bliss or series of misfortune will descend on them.

According to a report by weirdasianews.com, the female corpses are mended with wire, dressed up in white and then laid alongside their ‘groom’ to evade his solitude.

Recently, Mirror.uk featured a story of a distressed son trying to find the mortal remains of his mother. Theft of corpses is an issue that has become difficult to deal with as people usually bribe guards in the graveyard and the act is done in the dead of night.

Graves with CCTV surveillance is not a rare sight in China, with worried families going the extra mile to safeguard the remains of their loved ones.

It doesn’t quite stop here; matchmaking of corpses is a budding business, several agencies promise young, good looking female corpses. In a report by Mirror.uk, a man in 2011 was arrested for killing his wife to sell her as a corpse bride.

Those who can’t afford it go for a simpler way, offer money to parents of girls on their deathbed. Sometimes, with both parties consenting, there is feast after the ‘wedding’.

Although, there is a three years jail term for those convicted of defiling or selling corpses but followers of this tradition are anything but afraid of it.




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